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'Celtica' is an ongoing project that began in 2014. My intentions led me to travel the British isles, embarking on places that hold a Celtic significance even to this day. Using places of importance such as: Neo-lithic sites such as cairns and stone circles, a clear indication of the practices used by the Celtic clans are accessible just by visiting the sites.


It can be said that the knowledge we have gathered towards understanding the  predessesors of these landscapes are summed up by the materials used and discarded, that we then find within the fields around the isles.


Using a human presence within the stones is to strike a question concerning the fate of our existance, although to do with identity, my main outlook is how these cultures coincide with the harsh landscapes, growing with instead of opposing to it.

Odinoch, faslane peace camp scotland. A 800 year old oak tree which has a constellation within it's branches which resembles the runic sign of 'Odal'. The ancestory rune.

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