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Leaving foreign homelands
Where people look all the same
No flabigasting outbreaks
Being but not acting insane


South is where I am heading
Warm souls under a relaxed blue sky
Needn't matter of appearances
Steady life just floating on by

No running around in circles
No being late for the bus
No unrealistic hurdles
No unreasonable amounts of fuss

So join my when I am leaving 
Armada through the subtle lands 
Place of pure pilgrimage
Eat you chicken with your hands!

Bump into travellers 
Bump into food on the street 
Bump into lots of souls
You know again you will not meet 
Post human bonanza 
We're heading to Mortal bio age 
Are you ready to be an android
No love fear nor rage

If so then kiss my ass
Am I the only one trying to find a solution for this harass

Penlan poet, 2015

Arrived in Lisbon, Portugal

The sign saying 'CLEAN' was manifested, aswell of the plan to see where it takes me.


It's links very well with the way i have worked before, a poem being my base idea and the process being a journey towards a concluding piece.

Post-Festival in Froteira, Portugal

My first destination was a festival, it was here after a beautiful beginning i shared the sun baked landscape of alentejo. I put my sign out at the festival, testing where the hippy-like travellers were heading, and possible my next destination.

Barefoot in Madrid, Spain

After reaching Madrid, the beautiful beginning i had been basking about came to a immediate stop.


I felt lost, wandering about, no money already, looking for help in the capital was near enough impossible.


After the dark night of the city centre, the only place i felt safe to rest was next to a sleeping homeless man on the main street of Calle del Arenal.


After loosing my belongings in the festival, i slept in shorts and t-shirts through the night, a slice of cardboard was between me and the wet streets, i had a baby blankey which got me through half of the night.

At four o'clock in the morning, the streets were dead of locals, the cold was near stopping my pulse, the only thing that kept me alive was the sight of the homeless man's rabbit, who was hidden in the contents of his mobile belongings. 


Gaudi's imput, Barcelona, Catalonia.

In Barca, the hippies, the skaters, the punks are talking about the energy of this city, after MAdrid i had gained an unstable headspace.

I decided to call home for help and get a Hostel to gets some rest.

After spending the sum of my money on the Hostel, I ended up waking up on the beach after a Tinto session with the Polish tent boys, completely unwinded and i had something to joke about with myself, by now i was feeling lonely.

I love Antonio Gaudi, and it was him that appealed to me the most.

Gaudi's imput, Barcelona, Spain

I went to Parque Guell two days in a row, first day i stood outside as they were charging to walk around the masterpieces.

I believe if you wait there long enough the world will come to you.

By this i mean, i was persistant in seeing Gaudi, i sat there until i was allowed in.

All of a sudden these young italian stoners greeted me and we had a good time, they got me inside and named me 'Punka Bestia'



Clean start, Barcelona, Catalonia

I woke up that morning, and due to the kindness of a clean fresh start, the curiosity of an Argentine friend reminded me of my journey.

Up to this point my trip starting to become intreverted, instead of sharing my love for stories, art, poetry and travelling.

my focus was fixed on the bad time in Madrid.

BOUNCE BACK, Barcelona, Catalonia.

I was back on the move!

My sign was high in the air aswell as my spirit!

All of a sudden there was an opportunity to skip from west europe to east.


There i travelled to Romania.


I stopped in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Where i met up with my brazillian best-friend, Miss Luanna Corderio!


There we reminisced about our time in the Baltics together, aswell as me, Luanna was in Romania at that moment in time to seek the same message as i explained. The concept of 'CLEAN'.


I merged my travels with Luanna, we decided to go together on this voyage, using the sign we travelled to Timisoara, there thinking we would come face to face with a Transylvanian castle, we realised on our arrival that we were in the completely wrong place.


With the bare foot travelling, i nearly fell to calling it the end, but stern Luanna steered me to find peace with my project, to reach the end of my journey.







800 kilometer 'CLEAN' voyage, Hateg, Romania.

The first car was a BMW with a lovely man who was a sea-man, coming back from Panama. I believe he had caught on to the idea i was living by, curiously inquisitive of his homelands through a set of clean eyes. He shared the love for the place, I feel that he is looking at his home the same as we were.


He left us so far out of his way to get us the right road, for us to get picked up by a small fiat, tattered and battered. the smiling farmer was willing to take us ten kilometers ahead to his farmlands, we got talking about life in Romania, he didn't need any knowledge about my project, he was unmindfully fueling my knowledge of the feeling i had.

The farmer was explaining how where he lives is the best, most amazing place. A handful of assests including pigs, a car, a farm and pidgeons he wins medals racing. He talked about the pressure Romania puts on poor farmers production, but it was life he was living and he enjoyed it.


Ten kilometers of smiles touching the roof of the car, we got dropped another ten kilometers further on from his farm. It was a beautiful goodbye and we knew we did everything we could in that twenty kilometers.


I don't mind if i won't see people like that again, i am forever in gratitude that them moments happen. Luanna gained love for the pidgeons she once called sky rats. 


The third car was a shocking green car, with little english we said the only words we possibly understood together, again we went passed his destination, and further to find, the driver was dropping his friend to paragliding lessons. A sharp left turn into lit up eyes, we were in the middle of snow-peaked mountains. he took us the right way for thirty minuteseven longer! I was so worn out with the sight out this fanatic scenery, i fell asleep, worn out the core.


I woke up as we said goodbye, i felt bad for falling into a deep sleep, but Luanna did the deed of explaining our journey today and everything that went with it.


We got dropped on the road to Hunedoara, where there stood Corbin's castle, a transylvanian castle.


Next car was two women, didn't speak one word english, but i'm sure she was trying to marry me off to her daughter, at one point she handed me the phone, and like her me and her daughter on the phone could not communicate. She took us to the castle, which was 30 kilometers out of her way, and was going to wait! i'm glad she understood 'thankyou'.











Clean, Hunedoara, Romania


I transmited you

Into this land

There was an Intention

Involving no plan


You controlled my fate

Making it as challenging as you could

You taught me a lesson

Neither bad neither good

life is a voyage

no matter how it acts

it's a constant journey

learning unwritten facts 


You couldn't get it reading a book

it's an actual occurance and there you were stood

In a novel of your steps


Where did we learn this

does it roots from our souls

isn't it a magical 

Growing young to old



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