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Welcome / Croeso

Creative Fellowships panel

Welcome to my online portfolio, I've created this page specifically for a desktop.


Please click the images to be directed to specific projects and artworks.

1. Royal college of Fungi

TREE PAGE final.jpg

Bio-mimicry project 'Royal College of Fungi 2017

2. Mycotopia


Bio-design challenge project 'Mycotopia' 2016

3. What shape are you in?


Performance with Seher Deniz Kiran at Mamut Art Project, 2019

4. Architectural Designs & Models

Mixed Mediums showing designs-physical process


- Royal College of Art - Final Show Details

- Anna Marks, Sciart Magazine, OVERVIEW: Innovative student exhibition tackles the future of food at the Royal College of Art, 2017

- Food Futures, Bio-Design Challenge and Exhibition Review at White City Place, London

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