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 Holding Horizons


“My ladders are physical poems of horizons, embedded to converse with the world around it.”
The project  is a collection of land art installations that play between the use of sculpture, performance, and time. The series ‘Holding Horizons’, are site-specific artworks that are constructed from the elements of one environment and move into the next. The installations are process-based artworks that aim to be installed ‘permanently’ in their sites.

This process intends to capture the horizons by using sculpture, responding to the landscape, the use of perspective as a form of interaction between the art and landscapes. The performative aspect is the process of making that aims to reflect these environments and generate narratives between humans and nature. The process basis is the life cycle of the installation on the horizon, embracing change and unsurely of the future.  Which are more willing to exist simultaneously with this narrative? 

The ladder is a metaphor, but for what? Transcendence? One could interpret it as the 1 degrees Celsius, the spiritual nature of the nomads, the price of copper ore, and the Gobi’s prominence towards all sides. It is meaning, yet, it is at the mercy of its environment. It proposes a choice. 
Each horizon, its materials, and metaphors define the process of its existence, to become introduced into the desolate horizon as a depiction of itself. 

Looking onto the horizon to oneself is dreaming, only sought, imagined, contemplated, and interpreted. It is the future yet it is the past, but only seen from the present. It acts as a layer between the land and the sky, existence and essence, elements and space. A constant realm where trees live; bridge from the sky to the earth. Ladders are here also connecting the states of transcendence and descendence. 

Ladders are the metaphor in which I would like to work within the Gobi Desert, to me they are a symbol of journeying and of risk, the choice of leaving, knowing that what you will come back to has changed forever and that you would have too. It is the choice of living, which any direction will take you into your narrative of existence.


Miner's Ladder - Holding Horizons, 2020


Ephermeral Horizons (1 degrees celcius) Holding Horizons, 2020


Preserve (Mongolia's mountains), Holding Horizons, 2020


Writer's Ladder, Holding Horizons, 2020


Preserve (Mongolia's mountains), 2020

Realised works​


Writer's ladder, Kalkan, Turkey 2020


Writer's ladder, Bodrum, Turkey 2020


Writer's ladder, Kalkan, Turkey 2020


Writer's ladder, Bodrum, Turkey 2020


Earthquake, 2020


MAg'z Ladder, Turkey 2020

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