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"I see coherent threads through my work,

they live in every medium that I work with,

all threads weave to become artwork,

finding them could be a spirituality for me.

As I see myself not as an artist

I believe art is something I've tapped into

it lives through me,

through my hands,

I become a transformer through performance

reaching states inwards and outwards

sculpture and photography capture these experiences and processes

using poetry

to communicate a human being

following something symbolic

a true twin of life

following something sacred and archaic

a true perspective bender


Thomas James

Thomas James is a fine artist, educator, theorist and storyteller. He is the main project leader of the Royal College of Fungi and a founding-member of the Quadrangle Art Collective.

James, an alumni of the MA Information Experience Design program at the renowned Royal College of Art, and a bachelor of honours of the Fine Arts at Oxford Brookes University, has been actively producing and exhibiting as a creative practitioner throughout Europe and the Middle East for the past ten years, recently invited by TaaT Collective, based in the Netherlands, as a guest Artist-in-Residence onto a long-term project 'Encounter Portals' in Vilnius, Lithuania.


James' main educational practice works within a constructivist ethos of education, collectivity, culture and theory; with a huge focus on nature-based learning and thinking. James has been actively working within alternative educational fields as a teacher for Steiner, Reggio Emilia and Forest Schools across Europe and the Middle East


James' fine art and storytelling practice interact with how cultural technologies and procedures such as material evolution, tools, etc. affect cultural heritages such as spirituality, philosophy, rituals and customs.

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