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Oxford Brookes University


                                                                                               Here is documentation from 'Off the Wall', Final degree show at                     .                                                                            Oxford Brookes University, 2016. Within the show at the Richard                                                                                                       Hamilton building, the viewer could find my work situated                                                                                                                        around the ground floor in categorised sections.



The placement of the sections was the core idea behind the work, from practising dowsing                                                                          around the United Kingdom in places such as stone circles and suspected Leylines intersections,


my intentions were to bring this ancient method to the building, I began performing with volunteers and recording the results of this method. After finding the specific points around the building, I began to create a walk through the ages of Britain, from fossil to hunter gatherer, farmer to craftsmen, metal producers to mass-production. the ages and legacies of these eras are caught within photography, sculpture, video and archaeological items found from around the isle.





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