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Stwdio Corekotu's "Hangi Şekildesin/ What shape are you in?" performance At Mamut Art Project, Istanbul, 2019Performed in Mamut Art Project 2019 in Kucukciflik Park with Thomas Peter James.
The participatory-led performance invites audiences into a dialogue between two artists, one Yabanci and one Turkish citizen. The pair express their experiences of living turkey through body movements and spoken word, which creates a distinction between two different perspectives. This performance plays upon roles such as feminine and masculine energies and forms such as the fluidity and cyclic properties of a circle and the constructed static of the square. These shapes are used to represent such experiences in Turkey, from the recent elections to general life. The articulation of this language aims to evoke a social response from the audience, where they are invited to express their shape through this self-reflective, cross-cultural process.
An audience member's written feedback: "You accomplished going out of the line (the rules in different words), which takes captive, any more and you are free. This is time to think freely! You ask us to join this motion. You gave me a chalk to me to shape myself. I was shocked at that time and even I wanted to draw, I couldn't lift my hand to draw something. My brain was act as if in a traffic and I was watching the running cars. I got angry with me because of lacking of my con-fidence. Welcome to my comfort zone! Maybe it was my taboo to get rid of. To be honest, I still keep that chalk as a memory of that day which is a beginning of new things"
- Deniz Vural

#MamutPerformansları’nda Seher Deniz Kıran ve Thomas Peter James‘in “Hangi Şekildesin” isimli performansı Cumartesi günü #MAP19’daydı. 💛


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