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Just one of them days man

woke up with a good intention, waking up late again Starting the day with summer smile, ending up leaving home in a pig stye late for the garage where to meet a friend late for his good intentions, lost around the wrong bend. sitting at the bus stop for hours, such a pain, flip flops, t-shirt, temporal showers. No rizla or tobacco... I've left them behind, just me and a day of this kind late for running home, going to play something that will settle my heart hurting my lover, where did this madness start petty whims running mouth.. oh, why do i create these days? It’s not the end of the day but its one you pray to stay away maybe it will get better maybe i'll just get wetter take me to my place of comfort somewhere urban with friends of some sort let me kick around my mind today is a day which hasn’t been kind is it my karma, did i do something wrong, have i been shitty for way to long? is this a kinks song when the sun comes out no one answering me for me to talk out loud eynsham traffic I’ve been lost and stood send me back to oxford so i can do something good

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