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Emphemeral this connection, this connection to this world, what is it all made of, an intercommunication swirl.

Where does it all begin and especially where does it end, settling into understanding, hoping it's not pretend.

My life is built on connection, to all the trees at bay, I feel like I understand a language which I'm actually unable to say, could it come from down under? could it cease to exist? but my instinct kept on roaring, and my intentions then persist.

I’m deeply rooted in it all, I commit to what it has to say, my only misguided bypass is how to I'm able to give it away, I believe in people learning and believing at their will, an experience of their own expectations, ending in a gentle inner thrill.

So… I’ve meet this gentle organism, simple must it may, it has a whole life you know, and plenty it can say, Be gentle at the beginning, as it can spore you with its all, it’ll take its toll and you watch you fall into its own world of display.

My intentions are quite clear, meet this bloating ball, the closer we become to it, to closer we become to it all

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