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Sarah Bates

What do we do when we lose our direction

Our sense of peace and sense of connection

When In the middle of chaos you stop to observe

The way that you live and you move through the world

And all at once something is clear

That something once vital is fast disappearing

And panic rises as you start to understand

The true and irreversible damage we inflict on our land

When Success in life is how much you're earning

Not how you connect or how you are learning

Maybe it's time to be more discerning

Wake up from your dream you're bed is burning

While you work sleep and party You don't even notice

Your swallowing a lie That Ignorance is bliss.

Ignorance is choosing to lay down in defeat

Walking like robots Stuck on repeat

Clutching at papers and tearing at meat

Sink into addiction Internal retreat

With underplayed guilt Moral disturbance

Depression disfunction in casual abundance

Surpress and ignore! you're instincts are wrong!

Drown out the calling Of natures song

Opting instead to grind for a man

For pieces of paper that tell you you can

Put your head down and work like everyone else

Every day loosing A bit more of yourself

Once it is done The illusion is shattered

You see your world and your home

Left bloody and battered

As we mine and we scrape and we scratch and we claw

For shining gold and spoils and ore

And you stand and wonder How you never saw

The wounds of our lives left open and raw we continue to fight and suffer and squabble

When soon we all be sifting through rubble

No more we can bury our head in the sand And fight over money and power and land

And turn a blind eye to true peril we face as we suck in our goods and churn out our waste

Chocking our mother to devour our crop

Strangle and squeeze

For every last drop

For material expansion and surplus and gain

For bigger and better And more of the same and grander and higher

And louder and faster I can have what I want! because I am the father!

The dilemma that's faced By a whole generation

Growing in fear And a realisation

The way has been paved in glistening gold

The road getting thinner as we grow old It's time for a hard choice

It's time for a change A new way of life

Beautiful. Simple. Estranged.

No more expansion

No more hoarding false wealth It's time to take care

Of our mothers health.

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