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Since 2019 TAAT is developing an ‘encounter portal’ within the Blackberry Island ecosystem on the outskirts of Vilnius (Lithuania). A series of collective artistic engagements invite humans and more-than humans to co-create a growing architecture that is acting and reacting in symbiosis with natural proccesses. 


HALL09 is aimed to become a space for contemplation and encounter. 

The project HALL09 questions disciplinary boundaries and notions around ownership. Collectively we are moving away from the concept of owning land and owning artistic authorship, towards the recognition and honouring of the multi-species community that makes places, entities and spirits.

Partners and contributors

Mikroempatija, Vilnius Technical University, Architektūros fondas, Arts Printing House Vilnius, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Kipras Dubauskas, Eglė Bazaraitė, Gabrielė Janilionytė, Thomas Peter James, Samanta Kajėnaitė, Amandine David, Efrosyni Tsiritaki, Goda Verikaite, Emilija Rakutienė, Ieva Stripeikaitė, Gabrielius Dovydėnas, Dovilė Ratkutė, Breg Horemans, Gert-Jan Stam.

Exhibition presenting all documentation and reflections from the AIR program.

Photos by Thomas Peter James.

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